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Accelerate your growth with our decades of industry experience and hands-on guidance

Your organization is poised for product launch.

But landing top industry decision makers' attention is no easy task.

Selling into Insurance is complicated and getting a seat at the table is even harder.

The insurance vertical is steady and growing and your sales to them should be, too.

We believe every InsurTech provider can win by knowing what to say and when.

5 Wards will demystify the industry, what matters to your audience, and how you can help.

Accelerate your business with increased sales and better customer engagement.

5 Wards Group provides you with insurance industry insight you need to get ahead of the competition

InsurTech Investor

Own the industry intellectual capital you need to gain traction with investors and clients alike

Industry and
Client Analysis

Get the critical analysis you need to uniquely position your technology offering to your target audience and investors


Let us help you distinguish yourself by connecting the dots between your offering and the industry

How have others liked working with us?

5 Wards Group and I worked closely together coordinating business development and growth activities.

They set the high benchmark for open, honest communication, aligning on shared objectives, and involving 5WG's industry
and solution experts allowed us to craft winning solutions. I counted on and trusted them as a business partner.

Steven H.
Applied Intelligence Practice, Accenture

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to convert time-crucial opportunities


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Investors require your management team to own industry knowledge and 5 Wards Group makes it possible.

At 5 Wards Group, we know you deserve to be a respected InsurTech leader. In order for that to happen, you need to know how to convey the critical value of your product or service in the industry.

We believe every company should be able to acquire investments in InsurTech. We  also understand it’s tough to get recognized in an industry that is complex and when the competitive landscape is so crowded.

We have worked with InsurTech teams in multiple Fortune 500 companies to get the visibility they deserve among 18 of the top 20 P&C carriers globally. Here’s how with works:

1) Schedule a call with our Industry Experts.
2) We craft the strategy.
3) You gain influence and distinction with investors and clients in the industry. 

Schedule a consult with a member of our team to accelerate growth and start gaining the recognition you deserve as an InsurTech leader!

Be better positioned to close the deal

More knowledgeable Sales Team

Give your team the confidence they need to get winning results and recurring business

Better understand your Clients

Our analysis will uncover your customers' critical needs and matching solutions

Stronger investment position

Win with clear alignment between your organization's offering and industry needs

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